My form and slimming solution in 30 minutes


The method

A specific program for women with permanent coach, cardio belt and dietary follow-up. You begin your training when you wish it.

Fitness and Slimming pass

4 steps
  1. Warm-up
  2. Muscle toning
  3. Cardio exercises
  4. Stretching
What is the principle of the Lady Fitness circuit ?

Lady Fitness offers a 30-minute “interval training” circuit consisting of cardio exercises on air apparatus as well as floor exercises.
An exclusive cardio monitoring system stimulates the use of your body's fat stores.

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Fitness pass

Do you want to tone up ? Lady Fitness provides you with the facilities you need

Lady Fitness's exclusive 30-minute circuit helps you tone up and stay in shape.

Our personal coaches will ensure your exercise is effective in the 16 workshops we offer.

Our goal? To be effective! We will monitor your progress with a personalised cardio belt. As we want you to experience the same enjoyment and motivation every time you come to our clubs, we will ensure sport equals pleasure!

30' coach ateliers

Slimming pass

You want to lose weight ? Lady Fitness offers you its unique slimming formula

Dietary supplement

Dietary advice for effective and sustainable slimming

Getting to know you

Every woman's weight, skin quality, lifestyle, background and age are different!

The starting point for the Lady Fitness slimming method is a full body assessment which enables our slimming coaches to offer you a personally-tailored solution.

Getting you to move intelligently

The Lady Fitness slimming circuit boosts your basic metabolism, which plays a vital role in controlling your weight by boosting fat consumption when you're exercising or resting.

Drawing up your slimming programme

Three phases are essential for slimming. Your Lady fitness slimming coach will help you prepare them:

  • Lose weight
  • Stabilise
  • Maintain

Once a month, our slimming coaches will evaluate your progress by means of a full physical assessment and then adjust your slimming programme to ensure you are always satisfied.


Calculate Your Body Mass Index

The interpretation of BMI is based on the criteria defined by the World Health Organization

BMI Interprétation (d'après l'OMS)
lower than 16.5 Denutrition
16.5 to 18.5 Leanness
18.5 to 25 Normal weight
25 to 30 Overweight
30 to 35 Moderate obesity
35 to 40 Severe obesity
greater than 40 Morbid or massive obesity